A Match Made in Social Media Heaven

I never realized how popular social media was for single people who were looking to meet and mingle until I created my Instagram and Facebook accounts. I created each account with sole intentions of keeping in touch with friends and family, but soon learned there was far too much fun within these pages to simply do this. Before I knew it, social media was a big part of my life and I used it for many purposes.

Dating was never one of the purposes, however. I used social media to watch videos and to meet business-minded people around the world. And, I discovered groups which led me to bigger and better things. I even used the live video feature on IG to reach my customers. I decided to buy Instagram followers and likes for my videos, too. And that is when it happened.

I met this beautiful woman who would change my life. Her profile picture spoke silent words of romance and wonder; the energy that I felt instantly with her presence was so strong. She messaged me concerning my purchase and a problem with the credit card number that I entered. Low and behold, in my haste, I did indeed enter the number wrong. She corrected the problem and my order was complete. She went about her day but I couldn’t get her off my mind.

To some people who hear the story, it was a far-fetched idea to think this lady would want to give me the time of day. After all, she contacts me only because of a problem with my order. But, as a man who has never been afraid to take chances, I decide to go for it. Although I’ll be the first to admit somewhat awkward to contact her, I am glad that I did. I learned quickly after our messaging began that she felt those very same energies.

As we got to know each other we learned that we had so much in common that it simply was a calling and we were meant to get to know each other more. In fact, we both were in college and enrolled in some of the same classes and we loved the same foods, types of movies, and sports teams. I felt it was a match made in heaven and simply meant to be. She even gave me some pointers for the next time I buy Instagram followers and likes!

I could talk about this beautiful woman all day and I would if she were not lying here next to me.  Living just three hours from me, I visited me social media lover soon after and the rest is history. I made the move to Seattle and the past seven months of my life have been the most wonderful ever. I look forward to many more days of pure bliss with my lady. If you think that social media has done great things for your life, you are not alone.